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Reica-零果- Fancy Frozen Fruit

What is Reica-零果-?

”零果-Reica-” is a selection of “flash-frozen fruits.” You can enjoy the freshness of the fruits all year round, in spite of their season.

Carefully selected Japanese fruits are frozen using the latest flash freezing technology to keep their freshness.

Reica-零果– Technology

“Special coating juice” and the “-35°C flash freezing technology” are used for the production of 零果-Reica-. Their tastes, sweetness, freshness are all kept with our cutting-edge technology.

Expiration date is 100 times longer than that of raw fruits. It can be stored in the freezer all year round and can be consumed at any time.

When chewed, the sweetness spreads throughout your mouth just like raw fruits. You can also enjoy the change in texture depending on the defrosting time. 零果-Reica- is also recommended as a gift for a special occasion.

Reica-零果- LineUps 

“Shine Muscat”

“Shine Muscat & Pione”

“Fuji Apple”

“Kawanakajima Peach”

“Satonishiki Cherry”

“Tochiotome Strawberry”

“Assorted Fruits”

“Fruit-Ball Bottle”

Reica-零果- Product Development

We are researching freezing technology that quickly freezes fruits at different times and temperature conditions to keep the “sweetness, water content, and deliciousness” of fruits.

“Special coating derived from fruit juice” is applied to the surface, and the “Flash freezing at -35°C” prevent water separation from the fruit, keeping the sweetness and freshness of the fruits.

Reica-零果- At ISETAN 

In November 2021, we sold “零果-Fruit-Ball Bottle-” at Isetan Shinjuku store. The fruit ball bottle is one of the 零果 selections that uses high-quality fruits from Yamagata prefecture (Shine Muscat, Kyoho Grape, Western Pear, Peach, etc.).

Customers said, “I was impressed by the fact Shine Muscat and peaches can be eaten even at this time of year!” and “The texture of frozen fruits was new to me and it was delicious.”

Reica and SDGs

Reica’s flash freezing technology reduces food waste. By extending the expiration date of the fruits by 100 times longer, Reica contributes to the SDGs Goal 12.3 “Halving Global Food Waste”. Reica is a product that is friendly to customers, farmers, and to the environment.

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